Create a painting for you,
only one in the world.

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    Create paintings suit to the space

    One of the great things about custom-made is the artist can see the space where the works are displayed. By directly confirming the size and place of the room to decorate, the color of the light and how the light enters, we can inflate the image of production and create a perfect work there.

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    Reveal the feelings and wishes of the client on the work

    The upper painting on this page is 'Memory Lane'. When I started to draw the artwork, the customer said she had some difficulties about daily childcare. I hoped that someday the difficulties become beautiful memories and bring her to happiness and prosperity afterwards. Since I drew many roses on the entire screen. Each roses have an image of a wonderful memory with her children. In this way, I could get hints from what I heard on the interview, connect them to the artwork and complete it as the only one painting in the world.

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    Uses a frame carefully selected by Ayako Tsuge

    The frame is a very important part of the picture.




Memory Lane

Flower arrangement/Ruka727×515mm

[Request] Roses in colorful pastel colors drawn on the entire screen.

This work was started from a meeting by an e-mail “How big picture size will match on this wall?”
As you know custom-made is possible to create a work that exactly suits the size, atmosphere and space. I heard that the customer feels difficult to her childcare. I hoped they eventually will become a beautiful memories. So I painted many roses on the entire screen with hope for her prosperity in the future. Those roses images the wonderful memories with her children.


Angelie and Rosemary

Flower arrangement/Ruka 550×458mm

[Request]Two sisters wanted to send a drawing as a present for their mother. They asked me to draw a bouquet using pastel colors such as apricot colors and silver leaves herbs in a vase.

We had exchanged emails instead of having interview. I drew 3 paintings, and they pick one of them. For making the flowers that Ruka-san had bundled up look good, I arranged flowers in the vase of the Baccarat. The movement of rosemary adds some good essence to the space. From the frames I chosed for the customers, they took the olive-colored one, which were very popular. However the frame is no longer produced, so we can't use it anymore.




  1. STEP1

    Contact Us

    Contact Us

    Please fill out the necessary information of the order form and contact us.

    Order Form
  2. STEP2

    Check Details

    Check Details

    I discuss and check about the painting's details with customers by email or phone call to make sure that there is no difference between my images of the work and customer's purpose (such as gift), image, and location. I will draw paintings according to your various requests.

    Order Examples
  3. STEP3


    Preparation & Production

    I prepare the creatures, plants and tools that are necessary for producing works, and start the work after preparation such as interviewing and shooting. The term for production depends on the work and the seasons. It might be difficult for some plants to be prepared if they are out of season. In this case, we will request you to wait for a while. After preparation is completed, I produce the work about in a week.

  4. STEP4

    Confirm,Select frame

    Confirmation & Selection of frame

    When the work is completed, send you an image by email for final confirmation. After that, we go to the next step, frame selection. I send a photo of the frame to you through an email and you can check the frame by it. For making the frame, it will takes at least 4 days.

  5. STEP5


    Deliver the work

    After confirming the transfer, the work will be delivered.In addition, please note that we ask the customers who request for the first time to transfer the fee (half price or full amount) before production starts.

Price example

  • F4

    333×242mm(framed size)

    ¥156,000(Tax excluded)
  • F6

    410×318mm(framed size)

    ¥234,000(Tax excluded)

The price will change depending on the motif and frame. In particular, the frame changes as the size increases. In addition, please contact us for larger sizes or deformed sizes.


If you are first-time visitors or thinking about sending gifts, we recommend you the Giclee Print.This is available at A.P.J Interior Art Galleries located at almost all department stores in Japan.